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Pack the family up in the ole' station wagon and head on down to the wine farm for Family Movie Night!

-Saturday September 1st
-Movie to start at dusk
-Ron Lawn will be open for picnics or chillaxing at 6:30
-Movie Feature: Tommy Boy (Rated PG-13. Parents cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
General Admission
Come learn exactly what a winemaker does during harvest. Participants will spend time in the vineyard learning grape maturity, flavors and what a winemaker is looking for when deciding when to pick. In addition we will be in the cellar learning about fermentation, the process and tasting along the way! Join us we as peel back the curtain on harvest. We recommend sturdy walking walking shoes and not your wearing your Sunday's best. Its a wine farm after all...

-Saturday October 13th
-Limited to 35 participants
-Tickets $25/person