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Two Mountain Winery is pleased to introduce our first sparkling wine offering, the
2021 Pét-Nat. Our Pét-Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is a unique, bubbly wine
made using a practice from antiquity, the oldest known process of
making sparkling wine, Methode Ancestrale.

We hand-pick grapes from our Portteus Vineyard Cuvee Block, gently pressing and
fermenting them without adding anything other than what wild yeast is naturally
available in the air and on the grape skins coming out of the vineyard. We then
bottle the still fermenting juice thus capturing the natural carbonation created by
the wild yeast consuming the remaining sugars in the juice. The entire process
from picking the fruit to the final capping of the wine is done entirely by hand,
making it a true labor of love. The resulting wine is fun, fruity, and funky where
each bottle has its own personality and swagger.

Vineyard Designation

Vintage 2021
Wine Style Sparkling Wine
Varietal Rosé
Appellation Yakima Valley
Size 750 ml